deconstructing a constructed identity

Living as an artist with a displaced Christian persona is harder than living as a Christian with a displaced artist persona.

To keep me from constructing and becoming a “persona” rather than being myself has been the object of many studies from a psychological point of view and from a theological point of view.

Unfortunately I find the psychological point of view a little too descriptive and not very helpful. If someone continues along the lines of description only, it seems voyeristic; just peeking in on me to see what I am made of. Rogerian psychology (Carl Rogers) is particularly good at doing this.

From a theological point of view we sometimes see God as a “persona” instead of letting him be himself. Let God be God? What is God’s identity? How can we know who he really is? Can we peek in on him? I am encouraged to become like Christ, the human version of God who was not constructed and never could be made from the material creation like Adam. He was begotten. Born. He had divine nature naturally. God did not blow his spirit into him as he had into the first man. He was made of the Spirit of God. It was in his DNA. That is why he could be brought back from the dead with a new body. I need to deconstruct the identities that conceal the real human nature that I was born into. I also need a new existence from a divine source. Thus I am born again.


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