Something can be done when a diagnosis is made. Think of the injunction to repent and believe. One needs gnosis (knowledge) of what displeases God. With illness one needs to get a diagnosis or knowledge of the cause.  The notion that to believe is cognitive rather than emotional is surprising since it is the heart that needs to repent. There has to be a cherishing of Christ to be saved. Yet there has to be knowledge of God’s persons at the same moment. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved really implies to cherish the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. The heart is leaning the wrong way, unable to reach the proper position without a way to correct it. Can it still cherish Christ? Yes. Knowledge of Christ comes from the Scriptures and the devoted unchangeable Spirit of wisdom. Reading up on Jesus is the purpose of the Bible. It was written by him and for him and for those who are his ownership, his inducted servants. I am free to be his servant when I am free from the first death, the death pronounced by my association with fallen humanity. I am instead aquitted from condemnation. Besides that, the second death cannot touch me. My claims will be assessed, others’ claims against me assessed and I will be declared innocent because my Substitute is committed to defending me and I have “worked out my salvation with fear and trembling.” God is victorious in my sanctification. He will see me to the end. My spirit will connect with his Spirit. My body will be resurrected in perfection. The healing is total. Shalom.


chapel ceiling in Montreal’s St Joseph’s OratoryIMG_1330


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